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Julie and Vix
A Mother and Daughter Team

Nobody does Tarot the way we do Tarot. Our Gifts allow us to commune directly with Spirit, we are out to introduce you to your Spirit Guides. Through a bit of Spirit Realm Exploration, we can give you a more in depth look at the realm surrounding you, give you a better idea of who is there to guide you, and relay any messages or information your guides are eager to give. 

Our main goal is to help ease your way forward or help you understand the many paths in your life better, get you answers to questions you may have, or validate for you that you are always seen, understood, and loved. 

Spirit gave us a lot of purpose and peace and we hope that we can help people gain that as well. 




Julie has been walking her spiritual path for eighteen years, her journey having more to do with confidence and knowing that she’s powerful. Spirit has blessed her with an amazing intuitive gift and with this new found strength, she’s excited and ready to share those blessings and move forward toward her purpose.





Vix has been in touch with her spirituality for 2 years. Spirit has opened itself up to her in countless ways in such a short time. Her gift of interpretation commonly takes her by surprise and she’s now excited as she believes that there will always be something new to learn and experience. As she moves forward, she wants to give other people that assurance.


Owners of Business
Spirit Realm Walker
Spirit Guide Reader
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