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Spirit Guides

We are all guided by spirits and beings that protect us, move us on the right paths, and love us unconditionally. These beings want the absolute best for us and are the best beings to ask about our paths forward. 

No cards fall out of the deck by accident, no feelings or moment during a reading is a coincidence. This is our Spirit Guides giving us messages and signs. All we have to do is follow them. 

We specialize in harnessing our intuition and giving deeper, personal, and hopeful fulfilling readings given to us by our guides as well as your own.

Spirit Guides/ Tarot Cards

Conduit and Interpreter

We both bring different strengths to our readings which make our messages much more in depth and much more meaningful. 

Our spirit guides have shown us our roles and how we can work together.

The spirit guide conversations are sent to Julie, who can then build your one entire realm out of any of our decks. Her intuition calls her to pull cards and she creates incredible and elaborate spreads. 

Vix was given the gift of interpretation and can feel the stories and messages behind those cards as they are revealed. 

We can work individually if Spirit calls for that, but more often than not, they want us both!

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